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08 August 2008 @ 02:42 pm
bits and peices  
"Everyone is made up of fragments. We are fragments of our parents, left over. We are fragments of the things we do and the things we want, and the things we are and the things we find most important. We are fragments of our expriences and memories, and fragments of the parts of the people we most admire. We are fragments of negative space. Of the part of us that is not our parents, not the people we most admire, not based on experience or based on want. based more on what we aren't then what we are. Some fragments have jagged edges, some fragments are more brightly coloured, but we all have them. Not all of us were created to be pretty, but we are all artwork, and none of us are ever really finished. You think you're different because you can see where the lines cross. You're not. Everyone sees more than they want to."

recent experiements have taught me there is so much about me that i am afraid of. it's not that i ever thought i was better than anyone. I suppose I just thought I was better than this.

so much about me is different and seperate. and it's not like I mind. and it's not like i want to be more like you.

i just want someone to be more like me.