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29 September 2008 @ 12:08 am
purpose requirement and wish fullfillment and that space between the two  
"everybody's so interested in what their purpose in life is. what if your purpose was just to be the being that you are in the body you have? how many people are failing, just that? i think having a life mission is just too much to take on, truthfully. we are in the age of self-absorbtion, narcissism disguised as individuality. All those people who try to be individuals don't ever believe they're going to be. Simply being born should be independant enough. Every age is a golden age, we just don't do anything with most of them."

so... once again i prove that i am unbelievably self-destructive. and stupid. if i wrote every day for the rest of my life i would be happy. and i don't. because like everyone else, i don't think i want to be as happy as i sometimes think i do. this requires a humility i do not quite possess yet. more on that later. for now, the important part.

Hi again boys. did you miss me?
(breakneck speed. seriously. 31 days. who thinks i can do it?)

rules 12 - 22

12. Some people are going to hate me.
13. Some people are going to love me
14. Most people aren’t going to know me
15. Many people will want to know me
16. Everything I am not contributes to what I am.
17. I am more than a simple sum of parts.
18. As a human being, I am expected to be selfish.
19. I have no reason to keep looking down on people.
20. Some people are going to be smaller than I am.
21. I have no reason to keep looking up at people.
22. Some people are going to be bigger then I am

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